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Soham Formulas – Mixtures



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1244 48 14 18 51467

WORKS ON Amoebic Germ, Mucous Membranes, Liver.

This is due to the amoebic germ which settles in the intestine, although it can invade mucous membranes elsewhere in the body, especially the liver. It causes necrosis of the lining of the intestines, resulting in ulcers in the colon.

How Does a Homoeopath know if a patient has amoebic dysentery?

1.Ninety-nine times out of a hundred of your patient will tell you: “I have amoebic dysentery for X number of months/years. I have received many pills and injections but it keeps returning. Can you help me ?”
2.A patient will come to you fitting the description detailed under SYMPTOMS. You ask him whether he has had amoebic dysentery in the past. The answer is often in the affirmative.
3.If not, but the description fits the case, then there is no harm in giving this remedy. It can only cleanse the bowel. There are very few people with a perfect bowel. Therefore, if a patient comes with the following symptoms, then the bowel definitely needs cleansing in any event. This treatment which works on the bowels, the mucous membrane and the liver, can only clear the picture for the next stage of treatment.

SYMPTOMS Gripping pains in abdomen, coming on suddenly. One immediately wants to pass stool which is watery, with blood and mucus at times. This can happen once a day, or three to four times daily. As soon as one has passed stool the pain disappears, until the next spasm. One loses zeal to eat – becomes very tired – feels each day is an effort.



a. this acts indirectly on parasites in the bowel by stimulating the oxidization action of the protective substance around them.
b.acts on catarrhal infections in bowel and mucous membranes.

EMETINE – a specific for amoebiasis. It has a very marked effect on amoebic dysentery – especially when used in the potentised form.

MERCURIUS – works on ulceration of bowel, cleansing and healing simultaneously.

DOSAGE AMOEBIC DYSENTERY – TDS. BLOOD (for weakness and anaemic condition) – TDS for one month. As one feels better, one may lower the dosage of the BLOOD PILLS only 1 x per day, keeping the AMOEBIC DYSENTERY TO 3 X PER DAY. Then, stop the AMOEBIC PILLS for a month and repeat the cycle for another month.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
2255 69 18 20 87129

WORKS ON Liver, SPLEEN, Pancreas, Haemoglobin, Eyes (optic nerve), Nervous sytem, Lungs, Metabolism. About ninety percent of people have “borderline” anaemia. Sometimes, their symptoms are due only to this. The vital force is low.

It is a wonderful remedy to use in conjunction with any treatment, or on its own. This remedy clears many symptoms.

After a month there is a marked improvement of the entire system, leaving a clear sign for the next remedy, if needed at all.


CHINA (CINCHONA) – Liver, Spleen; debilitated mentally and physically; anaemia; headaches, bloodlessness; intermittent fever; sweats.

CHININ SULPH – Spleen, blood cells, haemoglobin; balances system in over use of quinine.

CUPRUM MET – there has to be copper to help with the assimilation of iron. Hence this remedy.

FERRUM MET (IRON) – works on composition of blood; attracts oxygen; low mentally and physically; weak and anaemic; headaches.

NAT MUR – for young people growing too rapidly; spleen; low mentally and physically; headaches; pancreas; palpitations; anaemic; weak and weary; intermittent fever; sweats.

PANCREATIN – pancreas; therefore of blood, optic nerve, eyes, headaches, sweats, nervous system, lungs, metabolism, prostrated and weak.

PHOSPHORIC ACID – young people growing too rapidly; liver, pancreas, optic nerve, mental and physical debility and nervous exhaustion, low fever with sweats.

PHOSPHORUS – young people growing too rapidly; liver; spleen; blood-vessels, pancreas, anaemia, composition of blood, optic nerve, eyes headaches, sweats, nervous system, lungs, metabolism; prostrated and weak.

For any condition in which the lung has been weakened: use in conjunction with MEDULLA or CARDIO PLEXUS, both of which work on respiratory organs.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 34 11 12 13 18 5 3796

WORKS ON AH immediate injuries. Bone, teeth, calcium-phosphorus balance. A tremendous amount of success has been achieved with this remedy. It may be used for any irregularity in bone growth – be it overgrowth or decay; weakness or crumbling; any condition in which bone is involved. As a background remedy it is wonderful. Operations to crumbling hips have been avoided; bony growths on the body causing nerve impingement and spurs under the sole of the foot have disappeared under its spell. There is a saying regarding old people who have fallen and broken their legs or hips: “Did she fall and break her leg or did her leg break and she fell?” Something to think about!

Anyone over the age of fifty should be doing something for their bones – BONE I is the remedy. In old people the bones become so brittle that they can break without a fall – they just snap. A child with bow-legs or knock-knees – BONE I is the remedy.


BONE – here we have homoeopathy in its true form – a nosode made from bone. “LIKE CURES LIKE”.

CALC FLUOR – this tissue salt works on bone, bone growths and hard bony swellings. It acts on teeth and malnutrition of bone.

CALC PHOS – sixty-seven percent of this tissue salt is found in bone. There can be no bone without it and no healthy bone if this is lacking in the system.

TEETH – decay and slow dentition. Non-union in fractures: promotes healing. Adenoids: also THUJA.

HEKLA LAVA – It is said that the reindeers, having eaten the LAVA SCORIAS (which grows on the mountain slopes) for so many hundreds of years, have been affected by it. It has had an effect on their jaws and horns i.e. it has promoted their growth. It has a marked action on jaw bones, but we feel that it can also have a marked reaction on bone anywhere. We have tried it – it works. Bony growths: it diminishes them. Bone decay: it rebuilds the bone tissue. Teeth decay: it seems to balance bone tissue.

PARATHYROID – this gland keeps the calcium-phosphorus balance in the system. Its hormone acts directly on the bone. Without this balance, there will be bone deformities; porous bone, bone cysts, and decalcification; tooth decay and softening of bone. This remedy is essential in treating bone.

PINUS SYLVESTER – the pine tree is tall, straight and strong. In its homoeopathic potency it makes bones and tissues strong; wonderful for weak ankles and any weakness in bones.

SYMPHYTUM CQMFREY^ – it is called ‘BONEKNIT’. Wonderful for fractures, to promote quick healing. An old lady of seventyeight broke her leg in three places and after three operations was told she would not walk again. She demanded comfrey tea, and just to satisfy her whim it was prepared for her daily. She was out of plaster and walking on her legs in a matter of months! In plant form, or potentised, it has wonderful healing properties.

AUREM MET – Bone pains.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 7 7 25 28 30 3 8 9 2

This remedy resulted when a young girl aged 12 was to be placed in a remedial school because she was borderline mentally deficient. She was very low and not coping at all; physically perfect. We looked through our records and chose these three most unusual remedies, making a combination remedy on the stimulator. It was a chance – the mother knew it, but was willing to try.


MENTAL RETARDNESS – this speaks for itself, so the choice was automatic.

YING YANG – we had been reading a book on Chinese philosophy. The authour insisted that without a perfect balance of the Ying and the Yang (the positive and the negative), the brain could not function to the fullest. It seemed a good choice.

PROGESTERONE – We had been told of the latest experiments over a space of 5 to 10 years on pregnant women. Those who were given Progesterone had very intelligent children – well above average. We figured that if it could affect the brain of a child before birth, why not after birth? The result was astonishing. At the end of the year – within about nine months – she gained eighth position in her class. We have used it often with good results.

NOTE For mentally deficient and mental cases only.

Use together for above condition.
When improvement is seen, cut down to BD – then OD.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 6 6 7 24 24 27 30 3 7 7 9 8


Nerves, muscles, blood vessels in brain. This remedy is useful for a number of conditions. It is made up of four TISSUE SALTS. It can be taken over a long period.

1.Students – young or old, who feel that the brain is overtaxed.
2.Older people who find their mental alertness is waning.
3.To be given in all mental cases; mental deficiencies, and children who are not mental but slow in walking and talking.
4.In the case of students, especially those who are in junior schools, who are legging behind the rest, or are struggling to keep up with them.


CALC FLUOR – This gives elasticity to the brain without which the brain would not have the capacity to think.

KALI MUR – this works on the muscles, nerves and brain cells. It is the basic salt found in fibrin which covers the brain. When the mind is blank then KALI MUR is lacking. There would be no brain without this protective covering.

KALI PHOS – works on the nerves, muscles and blood vessels in the brain. Prevents the degeneration of cells; brain fag; mental and emotional disorders; loss of memory; acts on the sympathetic nervous system; a great nerve and brain remedy.

MAG PHOS – Found in the white nerve fibres and muscles of the brain; each fibre is virtually a telegraph wire – essential in any brain disease.

ДОЗИРОВКА   МОЗГ TS 200 CH 3 x в день. Как только улучшение ощутимо или замечено, уменьшите его до 2 x в день, затем один раз в день и продолжайте в течение длительного периода.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
13567 10 211 20 23 29 42 42 3 4926

WORKS ON Nervous system, Emotional system, sleep, palpitations, asthma, debility. The name speaks for itself. The pills DO just that – they calm the entire system, mentally and physically. There are times when, after taking the first few doses, people want to sleep and sleep. This proves that the nervous system needs to rest – needs to stop for a while.

1.For the busy housewife with naughty children.
2.For the tense businessman.
3.After a visit to the dentist.
4.For a grieving family.
5.Any condition of stress or apprehension. This is a wonderful remedy.


AVENA SAT – Nervous exhaustion and tremors; tremors of the aged: numbness; debility; insomnia; nervous headaches; cannot keep mind on any subject.

COFFEA – nervous agitation and restlessness; unusual activity of body and mind; extreme sensitiveness; excitable; nervous palpitation; unable to sleep.

HUMULUS (LUPULUS) – dizzy; unstrung nervous conditions with nausea; giddiness; twitching; nervous tremor; cannot sleep; highly excited.

IGNATIA – sobbing – sighing; depressed; convulsions; twitching; great remedy for grief; changeable; brooding; wonderful after shocks, grief and worry.

KALI PHOS – great nerve tonic; mental and physical depression; anxious; nervous; lethargy; starts easily; irritable; hysteria; brain fag; night terrors; loss of memory; insomnia.

PASSIFLORA – has a quietening effect on the nervous system; tremors; insomnia; asthma; mentally worried and overworked.

SUMBUL – hysterical and nervous symptoms; fidgets; nervous palpitations; asthma; numbness; insomnia; feels she is choking.

VALERIANA – hysterical; over-sensitive; feels as if floating; nervous affections; irritable; trembling; throat constricted; spasms.

DOSAGE CALMING PILLS 30CH 3 x per day. If very nervous, 6 x per day. When relaxed, reduce to 1 x per day.

MIX 7 CB 7 200


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
17 8 8 4 29 31 34 5 2 2 3 3

WORKS ON Muscles and Blood vessels, Paralysis,Cerebral Congestion.

1.The remedy for a broken down constitution – one who has “gone to seed”.
2.It is for those who are weak after an illness -whose whole muscular system is flaccid and relaxed.
3.The aged.
4.The pregnant woman, to help the overtaxed muscles.
5.To continue after the child is born, to tone up those muscles.
6.For a person who is paralysed.
7.It was used for a squint eye. There was to be an operation to stitch the muscles into place. In two weeks the eye was normal and no operation was necessary.
8.Excellent for a prolapsed womb.
9.Weak sphincter muscles – repeated urination at night; bed-wetting.


ARNICA – muscle tonic; works on tissue degeneration; blood vessels relaxed; arterio-sclerosis; blood impoverished; wonderful for paralysis and cerebral congestion; effects of over exertion.

BELLIS PERENNIS – acts on muscular fibres of blood vessels; venous congestion; abdominal muscles, lame and lax. Works especially on muscles and blood vessels of uterus.

CALC FLUOR – puts elasticity back into muscles and tissues wherever there is a relaxed condition in the system.

CAUSTICUM – loss of muscle strength; works on muscle fibres; numbness; paralysis; progressive weakness of muscles; local weakness and paralysis of single muscles; unsteadiness of muscles in hands and forearm.

CONIUM – weakness from feet up: paralysis; arteriosclerosis; weak muscles.

FUCUS – general tonic; seaweed which contains iodine; works on muscles, blood and blood vessels.

MUSCLES – this is another potentised nosode – “LIKE CURES LIKE”.

SEPIA – works on pelvic muscles and blood vessels; eye muscles; uterine and abdominal muscles.

DOSAGE CB 7 200CH 3 x per day, until improvement, then 2 x per day, and 1 x per day over a long period.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
15 67 4 18 23 30 5 2 492

Vomiting, cough, wheezing, bronchitis , all types of expectoration, asthma, emphysema .

1. A great combination for a general chest remedy. Use for any chest condition – when there is no fever, use alone. With a raging fever, use with GFM. It is wonderful.
2.If you are worried that the case is on the verge of pleurisy or pneumonia, or if you observe the situation to be critical then add BRYONIA CM to the above two remedies. Dosage as below. This is almost a specific rule since it rarely fails.

ANT TART – difficult raising of phlegm; chest sounds like a steam engine; short breath; cough with gasping.

IPECAC – wheezing chest; vomiting when coughing and bringing up phlegm; asthma; bubbling rales in chest; constant constriction.

KALI BIC – profuse yellow, stringy, sticky phlegm; metalic, hacking cough; fat, chubby children.

NAT SULPH – works on the lower left lung; the chest is worse from 4 to 5 a.m.; asthma in children – worse in damp weather or change to wet weather; has to sit up and hold chest in order to cough; thick yellow-green phlegm. This is a great chest and asthma remedy. is the product of the Islets.

BREAKDOWN secretes insulin

PANCREATIN balances the Pancreas.


1.For a constitutionally bad chest – active all the time – 3 x per day: see results in two weeks.
2.ACUTE chest with fever – CHEST PILLS and GFM every half hour. As condition eases, reduce the pills.
3.For fever and a VERY BAD chest condition.

You are WORRIED CHEST PILLS and GFM every half hour with BRYONIA CM – three times a day – 6 DOSES ONLY, with instructions to stop BRYONIA as the condition eases, and reduce CHEST and GFM to every four hours.

Inflammation of the Pancreas.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
12 6 6 3 7 24 25 4 9 3 5 3


1.To be used long-term to strengthen a weak chest in a child or adult.
2.For someone who has a chronic chest condition, or having repeated bouts of heavy chest bronchitis etc. It can be used as a underlying remedy.
3.These four salts, apart from repairing and maintaining repair in the respiratory system, are geared as a combination to deal with any acute attack.
4.From the first stage of fever and mild expectoration, to infection and suppuration or to asthma attacks. Often mothers will come back, reporting: “He started with a cold – we gave him pills frequently and in a day it cleared”.

Previously he would have gone down with a severe attack of asthma or bronchitis (or whatever the case might be).

KALI MUR – grey-white mucous; enlarged, swollen tonsils, almost closing throat, rattling phlegm; asthma; loud coughing.

FERRUM PHOS – for susceptibility to chest troubles; bronchitis in children; hard, dry cough; expectoration of pure blood in pneumonia; first stage of inflammation.

NAT SULPH – great chest remedy, working especially on the left lower lung; expectoration is thick and yellow; feels every change from dry to wet; any dampness affects chest; asthma in children as a constitutional remedy; every cold brings on asthma.

SILICEA – tonsils; expectoration thick, like pus; suppuration of throat, tissues and chest.

CHEST TS 200 CH 3 x в день от трех до четырех месяцев. Уменьшите до 1 х в день по мере улучшения состояния груди. При острой атаке доза каждые полчаса.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 6 7 10 4 27 30 41 5 7 18 3

To be used for women having problems at menopause, use MENSES 1 first, to clear the system. This may bring about a return of menstrual flow, IF her period has CEASED; or make it heavier, if she is still menstruating. This must be explained to the patient. Often, at this time, there is a build up and it is good to clear it. Newly acquired rheumatics and painful fingers and knees will disappear. If hot flushes still continue -then give this remedy. In most cases these women need something to calm them. CALMING PILLS or ACONITE 30 plus WALNUT to adjust. CHECK TOO FOR ANAEMIA.


ACONITE – for tension, nervousness, and fear, often experienced at this time of life.

AMYL NITR – surging of blood to head and face; must have air; hot flushes , followed by sweat at menopause.

JABORANDI (PILOCARPUS) – wonderful for hot flushes and sweats.

LACHESIS – one of the specific remedies for climateric conditions, especially with depression, palpitations and flushes.

OESTROGEN – the female hormone. When this begins to run low, hot flushes and various other symptoms appear.

OOPHORINUM – ovary extract to tone up the ovaries.


CLIMATERIC 200CH 3 x per day, if needed. As the flushes reduce, reduce the pills until she is down to 1 x per day, or 3 x per week. If there is a bad day of flushes, she can take, more often for a few days.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
9 9 10 10 36 40 40 41 5 9218

Watery discharges from nose and eyes; sneezing. The moment a cold is beginning, start with COLD pills. Invariably, this clears the condition at once. People often ask for a stock of the COLD PILLS to keep at home since they find that their children who were constantly getting colds were now very much better after a day or two on this remedy.


ACONITE – coryza; much sneezing; nose stuffed up; eyes watering.

ALLIUM CEPA – eyes burning, smarting and watery; nose sneezing with a fluent watery, acrid discharge (as when peeling onions).

EUPHRASIA – eyes; acrid lachrymation; nose; profuse, fluent coryza.

GELSEMIUM – cold beginning with a chill up and down spine; sneezing; fullness at root of nose; watery, excoriating discharge.

COLD 6X every 15 minutes until eased, then 3 x per day.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
14 5 6 4 14 20 25 8 6 3 19


This is a combination of the 12 TISSUE SALTS. In order to see the benefits of each remedy, refer to specific literature, or to SWAMI NARAYANFS HAND BOOK ON HEALING CHAPTER 4 – TISSUE SALTS.

1.For under-nourished children, it is a tremendous tonic.

2.For old people who are weak and do not eat properly.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 45 5 13 14 21 22 4 5 3 82

We really do not believe there is a remedy for constipation in homeopathy, but people want one. Since coming to India we have experimented and eventually decided on these remedies and, strangely enough they work very well.


ALUMINA – stool hard, dry and knotty; no desire; soft stool passes with difficulty; great straining; painful urging before stool; then straining during stool.

NUX VOM – constipated, ineffectual, unsatisfactory and incomplete; feels as if part remained unexpelled; passing small quantities often; or absence of all desire.

OPIUM – obstinate constipation; no desire to go to stool; hard round black balls; stool protrudes and recedes; paralysed feeling.

PjjTMBUM MET – constipation; stools hard, lumpy black; impaction of faeces; constriction of anus.

CONSTIPATION PILLS 200CH 3 x per day – reduce if too much, increase to 6 x per day if required.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
8 99 10 36 37 38 41 99 123

This mixture can be used for many conditions.

1.For normal cramps in extremities.

2.Angina pains; heart muscle cramping.

3.Menses pains and any colicky pains in abdomen.

4.Any spasmodic condition such as trembling and chorea.


6.Pain. Wonderful for colic in babies. Put into water and give before and after feeding.

7.It is wonderful in an ASTHMA attack and ANGINA attack (do note this well).


ACONITE – to relax the nervous tension caused by the above conditions; oppressed breathing.

CACTUS – angina; iron band, as if in a vice; constriction in stomach, ovaries, uterus, bladder; chest, great constriction, oppressed breathing.

CUPRUM MET – cramps, chorea, spasms of jaw, chest, heart and extremities; convulsions; chest spasms in asthma; short breath; epilepsy, beginning in knees.

LATRODECTUS – angina; violent pains in chest and down arm; gasping respiration; cramps in abdominal muscles.

MAG PHOS – works on heart; angina, chorea, any pains in any part of the body; anti-spasmodic remedy; asthmatic constriction; menses colic.

NUX VOM – contracted jaws, cramps in the calves of legs and soles of feet; paroxysms or rigor in fever.

OXALIC ACID – angina – constriction of chest and short breath; drawing, shooting pains in the legs; colic; terrible neuralgic pains in spermatic cord.

PARATHYROID – this keeps the balance of calcium and phosphorus steady in the body; an imbalance in these elements can cause renal colic, spasms, numbness, tingling of extremities with stiffness; generalised convulsions can occur.


1.Normal cramps: 3 x per day. Less when improved.

2.Acute attacks: 1 dose every 10 inutes until eased.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
12 3 3 3 7 11 13 62763

WORKS ON Diarrhoea; milk allergy diarrhoea. This can be used in any case of diarrhoea. If acute: every 1/2 hour, until eased. But, find out the cause (seeSWAMI NARAYANI HAND BOOK ON HEALING VOL 1 “DISEASES” for details on DIARRHOEA). For simple, acute diarrhoea it is very good and works in 9 out of 10 cases. You will possibly find – especially in a child who has repeated attacks – that he may need one dose of BACILLINUM or TUBERCULINUM. It will be seen that there are two remedies that will work on cholera. If there is any indication that cholera is in the district, you would treat for cholera.


1. 2 remedies are for diarrhoea from beer.
2. Two for nervous apprehension.
3. One from milk allergy.

BREAKDOWN are both kidney tissues, the cortex being the outer tissue.

THE POST PITUITARY regulates the amount of water passed by the kidney through the ADH Hormone (anti-diuretic).

THE URETERS take the urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

ОБЛАСТЬ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ   Любая почечная недостаточность или тоник против таких.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
5 5 66 19 21 24 26 4 8 778

All morbid conditions; holds infection; draws.
This remedy is possibly the favourite of us all, because it does such wonderful work which we can actually see taking place physically.

Any morbid matter to be pulled out of the body will react to DRAWING PILLS – be it mucus in the sinus, tonsils, ears, uterus or rectum. Its work in bringing to maturity boils and carbuncles, and draining fissures and putrid leg ulcers, no matter of how long standing, has to be seen to be believed.

Cases of gangrene in which doctors have insisted on amputation have been successfully treated with this remedy (see CASE HISTORIES HANDBOOK ON HEALING SWAMI NARAYANI).

If we could only keep six remedies – DRAWING would be the first choice. With GUNPOWDER CM, it is infallible for holding infection. There is no need to be afraid. It stands like a rock against infection.


HEPAR SULPH – hastens suppuration in a low potency; its tendency to suppuration is its specific guiding symptom; ulcers smelling like old cheese; every injury suppurates; unhealthy skin; cracked skin of hands and fingers.

GUNPOWDER – hold infection; we have never known it to fail in this work.

MYRISTICA SEB – remedy of great antiseptic powers; hastens suppuration and controls its duration; middle ear suppuration; anal fistula; Boericke feels it is better than HEPAR SULPH or SILICEA.

SILICEA – this is the body surgeon. It removes every atom of morbid material in the body. Cracks at end of tingers; Long lasting suppuration; boils; abscesses; offensive pus; pulls out foreign bodies from tissues.

DOSAGE DRAWING 6X 6 x per day. Reduce to 3 x per day when suppuration begins.

MIX 17 EYE 200

Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
66 7 8 24 25 31 32 2 6 3 9 2

WORKS ON Glaucoma, muscular weakness, opacities, thrombosis, degeneration of eye muscles.

Excellent remedy for many eye conditions and also as a general tonic for eyes and eye muscles.

Four remedies are for Glaucoma. It can be used as a background remedy – with single high potencies for specific symptoms (see HAND BOOK ON HEALING -SWAMI NARAYANI “DISEASES”).


ARGENT NIT – purulent opthalmia; photo-phobia; great swelling of conjunctiva; discharge thick and purulent; inner canthi swollen and red; ulcerated margin of eyelids which are thick, sore and swollen; aching and tired; want to press together or close tightly for relief; restores weak ciliary muscles; opaque cornea; ulcer in cornea.

CHELIDONIUM – colour of eyes are a dirty yellow; on looking up there is pain and tears gush out; neuralgia of the right eye with profuse lacrimation.

EUPHRASIA – very waterv and burning; swelling of eyelids; feeling of pressure -hind the eyes; glaucoma; conjunctivitis; burning and swelling of eyelids; discharge thick and acrid; sticky mucus on cornea; opacities; small blisters on cornea.

MUSCULAR – a remedy potentised from muscles, which works on all muscles.

ONOSMODIUM – blurred vision; anaemia; pain in eyeballs; glaucoma; strained, heavy feeling; eyes feel tense; retinal vessels enlarged; muscles weak.

PHOSPHORUS – cataract; seems all is covered with a mist or veil; as if dust were in the eyes; black floating spots before eyes; letters appear red and a green halo appears around light; atrophy of optic nerve; swelling of lids and surrounding parts of eyes; pain in bones of eyes; paralysis of extrinsic muscles; glaucoma; thrombosis of retinal vessels; degenerative changes in retinal cells (N.B.)

PHYSOSTIGMA – glaucoma; night blindness; photophobia; contraction of pupils; twitching of eye muscles; profuse watering; increasing myopia; paralysis of eye and eye muscles of accomodation after diphtheria; blurred vision.

RUTA – eyes red, hot and painful from overuse and doing close work, e.g sewing or reading fine print; a headache follows this straining; pressure deep within the eye sockets and over eyebrows; accomodation disturbances.

DOSAGE EYE 200CH 3 x per day, until there is a change in condition; reduce to once a day over a long period.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 6 7 7 24 25 28 30 5 6 12 5

WORKS ON Brain, meninges, influenza virus, fever, calming effect.

Another mixture used daily at the clinics. (Also otherwise known as GENERAL FLU MIXTURE.)

The world is full of what is called the FLU virus (possibly for want of a better name) It brings disaster in its wake – especially in the form of inflammation in the brain, meningitis and encephalitis. So where there is fever this remedy is used. It contains three influenza viruses and meningococci, making five nosodes as well as four homeopathic remedies. In treating a fever – it will so often be found that there is a problem in another organ too: e.g fever with inflammation in bladder or diarrhoea, or nausea and vomiting, or chest complications, to name a few.

Give GFM for the fever, then treat whichever organ is reacting. It is amazing how soon the problem clears. You must then go deeper to find the cause, if the fever often occurs.

If you give GFM and the fever becomes worse, this is an aggravation (or pull-out) and, invariably, you will find that a previous fever has been suppressed by drugs (seeHAND BOOK ON HEALING – CASE HISTORIES). Homeopathic remedies do not reduce a fever immediately, as do allopathic drugs. They hold the fever and allow the vital force to continue elimination.


ACONITE – sudden fever; hot, dry skin; restlesss; patient fears death; drenching swears.

BELLADONNA – a high fever; burning; pungent, steaming heat with cold feet; skin hot and red; flushed face with glaring eyes; throbbing carotids; violent symptoms and suddenness; it works on the brain; wonderful for teething problems.

RHAMOMILLA – for the restless, crying, teething child, it has a calming effect.

FERRUM PHOS – A gentle remedy. Prevents condition going to chest. In fever it stands between ACONITE and BELLADONNA in its intensity; good for any fresh stage of all catarrhal fevers; great remedy for teething problems.

INFLUENZINE-SPANISH. INFLUENZINUM-ET BACILLINUM – Three nosodes of different influenza virus with BACILLINUM to protect the chest if it attacks that area first, which so often happens.

MENINGOCOCCI – nosode of the dreaded meningitis which can attack the brain in just a few hours. This prevents the virus from taking hold.

DOSAGE GFM 200CH every 15 minutes until fever breaks, then cut down to 3 x per day for two days.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 1 669 10 1 5 26 26 3 83 66 87 39 41

WORKS ON We have COLD PILLS which are basically for running nose and sneezing – an acute attack. This remedy is for sneezing, not an acute cold. In people who have this allergy, it is a chronic state – day after day they sneeze 20 to 30 times. It is not a cure, but something to ease the condition whilst you find the cause and treat it. The base of Hayfever is, of course, a T.B MIASM.


ALLIUM CEPA – profuse sneezing with headache and a watery coryza, especially in a warm room.

NAT MUR – violent sneezing; coryza with stoppage of nose, or a profuse, watery discharge.

SABADILLA – spasmodic sneezing with profuse, running nose; watery discharge; severe frontal pains.

DOSAGE HAYFEVER 6X 6 x per day when profuse. Reduce to 3 x per day as it eases, then 2 x to 1 x per day.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 7 7 7 25 28 29 30 6 12 8 8

WORKS ON Muscles, nerves, ligaments, cartilage , wounds, all injuries, after surgery, haemorrhage, overstrain.


Those of long standing or an acute, recent injury. As you will see, the remedies work on the structures covering the skeleton and protecting it.


ARNICA – muscles, it carries blood to the muscles; bleeding externally; overstrain in any part of the body: traumatic injuries; apoplexy; cerebral congestion; bruising; a feeling as if all muscles were beaten and bruised; ecchymosis; thrombosis.

BFLLIS PERENNIS – muscular soreness; muscle fibres of blood vessels; surgical work; injury of deeper tissues; nerve injurie – very painful.

HYPERICUM – injury to nerve endings and to spine; spinal concussion; Excessive pain; punctured wounds; prevents lockjaw; bites of animals.

LEDUM – punctured wounds, bites of animals; prevents lockjaw.

RHUS TOX – ligaments, tendons, sheaths, joints; strains and sprains.

RUTA – cartilage ; periosteum; tendons; flexor muscles and eye muscles; injured and bruised bones.

ACUTE – 6 x perday. Reduce as condition eases.
CHRONIC – 3 x per day over a long period.

MIX 21 KBS 30


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 34 11 11 13 15 245 13

WORKS ON Gout, arthritis, rheumatic pains, kidneys, bedwetting, bladder retention, painful feet, stones, incontinence, cleansing.

Most patients are suffering from toxic poisoning and acidity. Therefore, a tonic for the kidneys, which are part of one of the great eliminating systems of the body, is needed. If the kidneys are not working up to the mark, then the whole system will be under strain.

This mixture covers many conditions from the kidneys to bladder, to the dissolving and passing of stones. A great deal of success has been achieved with KBS. For anyone whose urine is not normal, be it burning, or even highly coloured, or a high odour, these pills will clear away many symptoms (in the same way as do the BLOOD PILLS in anaemic people), and the main symptoms will be seen clearly.


BENZOIC ACID – uric acid diathesis; gout; urine highly coloured with very offensive odour; dribbling of old men; involuntary passing; pain in feet, toes, ankles and knees.

BERBERIS – pain in tighs and loins on urinating; sensation as if urine is left behind; frequent passing; sediment; it dilates the ureters, thereby relieving a great deal of pain in the passing of crystals or stones; pain radiates from the lumbar region up and down the spine or down the thighs; truly a wonderful remedy for acid diathesis and kidney problems; gout, arthritis, pain in heels and feet.

CALCULUS – bthis is a potentised kidney stone – so, by the homeopathic law, it should dissolve stones.

CANTHARIS – intolerable urging; cutting pains; urine 30 passes in bloody drops; scalding, tearing pains in limbs; violent paroxysms of cutting and burning in whole renal region; constant desire – passes in drops – membraneous scales which look like bran; jelly-like, shreddy; tearing pain in limbs; pain in soles, cannot step on them.

EQUISETUM – severe, dull pain with fullness and urging; passing urine in drops with a burning, cutting pain, especially at the end of urinating; sharp burning, cutting pain in urethra while urinating. BURNING is the keynote in this remedy. Bed wetting in children with dreams while passing urine in bed; albuminuria; retention after labour; deep pain in right kidney.

ERBIUM – a tremendous kidney tonic.

OCIMUM CANUM – uric acid diathesis; dissolves crystals; red sand in the urine is the characteristic; right-sided renal colic; urine is acid, turbid, thick and bloody; pain in ureters.

PARATHYROID – once again this remedy is used to provide a balance between phosphorus and calcium in the body. In this mixture, it is used to prevent the formation of stones. If there is too musch calcium in the system, because the parathyroid is low, the body must find a way of eliminating it – so when the kidney cannot cope, the system makes stones to enable the work to carry on.


GENERAL: 3 x per day.
ACUTE: every 1/2 hour until eased.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
12 3 3 4 7 9 10 3 9 2 4 9

WORKS ON Liver, gout, weakness, dizziness, numbness, jaundice, pain in gall, spleen. We do not realise the importance of the liver and the many duties it has to perform. One of its main functions is to filter poisons from the blood every day – thereby saving our lives. This remedy is most useful to tone the liver and help it to do its eliminating work – a most wonderful and important remedy. (Of course, diet must also play its part.) It acts like BLOOD and KBS, in that it clears many secondary symptoms – one can then recognise the true situation.

NOTE It is very interesting to note that each liver remedy has dizziness and weakness, numbness and pain and even paralysis, or semi-paralysis in limbs, especially hands and feet. Compare with your KBS. Once again we find the limbs and the extremities suffer. Both these remedies are cleansers of the first degree.


CARDUUS MAR – liver depressed; pain in left side of stomach; pains from hips to buttocks, down to feet; weakness in feet; dizzy; gall bladder; jaundice.

CHELIDONIUM – pain under right scapula; depressed; tired; yellow skin and eyes; jaundice; pain in heels, feet and extremities; gall bladder; paresis of lower limbs.

CHINA – liver; spleen; headaches; anaemic; pain under right rib; debilitated and weary; chronic gout; jaundice; dizzy; depression; trembling; pain in joints; great weakness in extremities.

LYCOPOD1UM – liver; depressed; dizzy; headache; gout; full after a few mouthfulls; sciatica.

MERCURIUS – profound anaemia; jaundice; liver; weak limbs; trembling.

PHOSPHORUS – great liver remedy; anaemia; very weak; vomiting.

DOSAGE LIVER 30CH 3 x per day, reduce to 2 x, then 1 x per day, as needed.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 89 10 2 33 38 41 4 2 254

WORKS ON Entire female tract and pituitary gland. In any problem with menses, at some stage of the treatment MEDORRHINUM – the sycotic Miasm – must be given. However, this remedy will, in ninety percent of cases, balance any irregularity in the female tract. It is equally amazing, how, by just balancing the hormones and pepping up the pituitary gland, so many symptoms disappear and the body goes back to normal. Of course, never forget that there are 10 percent of people who will not respond.


ANTERIOR PITUITARY – stimulates the ovaries and controls the oestrogen and progesterone secretions.

OESTROGEN – hormone produced in the ovaries; when low – hot flushes begin.

OOPHERINUM – the extract from an ovary potentised.

It tones up ovaries.

PULSATILLA – specific remedy for delayed menses, especially at puberty.

DOSAGE MENSES I 200CH 1 x per day for 2 weeks. Repeat if necessary.

NOTE Do not give during periods.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
35 7 8 11 22 28 31 65812

WORKS ON This remedy is mainly for Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and Tuberculosis. You will give this remedy along with the normal treatments for the above (see HAND BOOK ON HEALING “DISEASES”).

It can also be used for any INFECTIONS and INFLAMMATIONS.


PENICILLIN – this works in the system as does ALLOPATHIC PENICILLIN, but without any side effects.

STREPTOCOCCUS – this is a nosodes of the STREPTOCOCCIS VIRUS, and will work on any streptococci virus attacking the system. They are pus producing and are present in RHEUMATIC FEVER and in NEPHRITIS, sore throats, sinus, ear inflammations, meningitis, skin infections. In fact all these conditions may be due to this virus.

DOSAGE PENMYCIN 200CH Maximum 12 doses. Take them 3x a week. Then check.


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3456 9 17 21 23 26831

WORKS ON Rheumatics, arthritis, gout, sciatica and inflammations.

Any rheumatic or arthritic pain is caused from excess acidity in the system. The name of the disease means nothing. THE ACIDITY IS NOT THE CAUSE. The cause is what makes the body produce the acid! There are many causes.

1.First and foremost is the MIND. Maybe it is the only cause. One can argue that it could be indiscriminate eating. But that is also due to a state of mind.

2.Tension – a state of mind.

3.Constipation has also, in many cases, been referred to as “a state of mind”. The mind is tense or rigid, or possessive – it reacts on the muscles – hence difficulty in passing of stool.

These pills are capable of easing the pain, and do so often – but they do not constitute a cure. This is a good background remedy to help, whilst other treatments such as diet and mental and physical exercise, etc. are being given. (SEE HAND BOOK ON HEALING “DISEASES”).

MIX 26 SHOCK 200


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
2558 9 20 22 33 32545

Shock and any condition resulting from fear.

Shock can be a fast, or a slow killer. It can have terrible effects on the mind and body. It is most essential that it be dealt with. Often an illness or a condition goes back to shock! The patient is not even aware of it.

The therapist’s question is: “When did you illness begin?” A time will be given: “ноябрь 1990”.

Therapist: “Did anything unusual happen in your life at that time, or just prior to that?” Invariably, the answer is “No.” The therapist keeps probing: “A death? Car accident? Emotional shock? Change of enviroment or residence? Illness in the family?” Many a time the answer comes up: “Yes, of course…” And , there lies the CAUSE. All patients should be treated for shock at some stage, because, surely there is no one who has not received either a mental or an emotional, or a physical shock! A wonderful remedy, impossible to be without.


ARNICA – for any physical shock or trauma; any overstrain which could be a shock to the body or mind; any mental strain.

IGNATIA – emotional shock; grieving; great remedy for effects of grief and worry.

OPIUM – remaining dazed after a shock; or loss of consciouness through any type of shock, be it physical, mental or emotional; conditions resulting from fright.

PASSIFLORA – this quietens the nervous system.

DOSAGE SHOCK 200CH 3 x per day. On improvement reduce to 1 x per day and then 3 x weekly. Normally 2 or 3 doses do the trick – then it is good to repeat a few doses 1 x per week.

MIX 27 SKIN D 30


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
25 8 10 6 21 34 44 11733

A wonderful remedy; but one must know the difference between this and DRAWING PILLS, and when to use them. With DRAWING PILLS, we treat morbid conditions in a particular area or ORGAN of the body. You are for the time being working INTENSELY ON ONE AREA OF ELIMINATION.

There are times however when DRAWING PILLS do not fit the picture, such as when there is pus to be pulled from a widespread area: e.g. when the entire body, including head and limbs, is covered by angry sores, filled with putrid pus standing out against the entire skin area. With this condition it is very obvious that there is a disturbance. The skin looks rough, about to burst out into more eruptions. In such a case, it would NOT BE WISE TO USE DRAWING PILLS. For, if they are used, the condition would become very much WORSE. From the elimination point of view, this would be good, but it may be TOO DRASTIC. The vitality may not be able to cope with it.

These symptoms you must learn about by working with them. When the entire body, or a very large area is affected STOP, LOOK AND THINK carefully at:-

1.The size of the area concerned.
2.The general state of the underlying skin in the rest of the body. To use DRAWING PILLS this must be normal.
3.If all these are questionable and leave you in doubt – do not hesitate: use SKIN 30CH. It will deal gently with the case.

As you can see, there is a good protection against further infection and an efficient MIXTURE to deal with the condition. (SEE CASE HISTORIES HAND BOOK ON HEALING FOR COMPARISONS.)


ARSEN ALB – itching, burning, dry, rough scaly, malignant pustules; psoriasis; urticaria; body is cold and trembling; great debility and exhaustion. N.B: A VERY LOW VITAL FORCE.

BERBERIS – itching and burning; small pustules over whole body -worse on scratching.

GUNPOWDER – holds the infection and prevents it from spreading to other parts of the body.

PENICILLIN – it has the same effect in dealing with infection as has the allopathic remedy, but with no side efffects-.

RHUS TOX – skin red with vesicles; itching intense; urticaria; suppurating vesicles; cellulitis; burning eruptions.

STREPTOCOCCI AND STAPHYLOCOCCI – both are pus producing bacilli. These are nosodes, potentised from an active bacillus: therefore, they will deal with both infections, whether dormant or active in the skin. If not already active they will prevent the germ attacking the already weakened body. So, as well as protecting just the skin, we are safeguarding other areas as well: e.g. chest, lungs (pneumonia), throat, brain (meningitis), kidneys (nephritis).

SULPHUR – dry, unhealthy, scaly skin; suppurating, itching, burning; every injury suppurates; pustules all over body; pimply eruption; excoriation, especially in folds; sore and red; must scratch until it bleeds – very itchy.

DOSAGE SKIN 30CH 3 x per day. If very acute then 6 x per day, reducing as the condition eases.

MIX 28 SLEEP 200


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
113 8 3 3 12 34 5 7 6 3 3

We have two mixtures for inducing sleep. SLEEP 200CH and CALMING 30CH.

We find that certain people prefer CALMING for sleep. There are others who insist on SLEEP PILLS. Maybe because of the name, and they have a psychological effect. There are of course the 10 percent who say that neither helps.


COFFEA – cannot sleep because the mind is racing from idea to idea.

DAPHNE INDICA – complete inability to sleep; aching bones.

KALI PHOS – the great nerve tissue salt which quietens the nervous system and induces sleep.

PASSIFLORA – quietens and calms entire nervous system. manufactures the T-Cells which play a primary role in the Immune System.

DOSAGE SLEEP 200CH 3 doses between supper and bedtime. Can repeat if patient awakens during the night, or any time necessary.

In all cases where the resistance to an illness is insufficient.

MIX 29 SUFI 30


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
13 7 8 2 11 29 32 2 2 2 4 1

WORKS ON stomach ulcer, flatulence, indigestion, asthma after food. This remedy works very well for any digestive problem. As you will see in the breakdown, it covers many conditions in the alimentary tract. It must be remembered that these symptoms are a result of over-eating, or indiscriminate eating, and the mental state of a person. We all know for instance that tension and worry are the essential factors in causing an ulcer. It is very interesting to study the mind of these patients – practically all have mental tension of some sort.
Macula Lutea, Choroid, Capillaries.


ANACARD – weak digestion; fullness with distension; worse when hungry, better eating; has a plugged up feeling in stomach and abdomen; chokes when eating; ulcer remedy; empty feeling in stomach; easily offended, melancholic; malicious; no confidence.

ARGENT NIT – belching; gas; nausea; vomiting mucus; stomach pains; burning pain radiates all over abdomen; craves sweet which make him sick; sticking pain under left ribs; great distension; all symptoms brought on by apprehension; gnawing ulcer pain; gastritis of drunkards; malancholic, fearful, nervous.

ASAFOETIDA – cannot bring up wind; distension with burning in stomach and diaphragm; tremendous amount of wind with terrible pain as if vacuum has been created; it won’t go up or down.

CARBO VEG – flatulence; waterbrash and nausea in the morning; burning and cramps in stomach; chest pains; painful all over diaphragm area; food upsets; abdomen distended; better passing wind; acid eructations; heavy; full; sleepy; sour or rancid eructations half hour after eating; slow digestion and pain; food putrefies before it has time to digest; simplest food distresses; aversion to milk; short breath; fears of darkness and ghosts; tense.

CHINA – stomach tender; vomits undigested food; pain under right front rib; pain across diaphragm; belching of bitter fluid, but without relief; bloated with wind; much colic; bending double; liver and spleen affected; milk disagrees; worse eating fruit and drinking tea; jaundice; despondent; taciturn; wants to hurt others.

IGNATIA – sour eructations; all gone feeling; craves acid; must take a deep breath; rumbling, colicky, grasping pains in one or both sides of abdomen; melancholic and sad.

IPECAC – tongue clean; much saliva; nausea and vomiting bile; cutting pain across navel; stomach feels relaxed as if hanging; irritable; haughty; full of desires.

NUX VOM – sour taste and nausea in the morning; bitter eructations; bloated over diaphragm; indigestion about 3 or 4 hours after eating; sore liver; pain causes short breath; constipated; indigestion after too much drinking the night before; pain round navel; fiery; irritable; sullen; fault finding.

DOSAGE SUFI 30CH 6 x per day IF ACUTE. 3 x per day, when condition eases.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
345 10 11 14 20 42 45191

Diptheria; infected throat. This is purely for a sore throat with inflammation and infection. It works well. There is seldom a failure. If there is fever, GFM must be given with it. (SEE TONSIL PILLS).


D1PHTHERINUM – works on the diphtheria virus. It is a nosode made from Diptheria.

PENICILLIN – a nosode from penicillin, which holds infection as does allopathic penicillin, but without side effects.

PHYTOLACCA – ulcerated, infected throat, dark and painful.

STREPTOCOCCI – a nosode made from the bacilli which deals with germs and pus formation.

DOSAGE THROAT 200CH every 15 minutes for acute sore throat. Reduce at first sign of improvement.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
15 5 5 5 20 20 21 7 5 2 16

Glands, tonsils, throat inflammation.

TONSILS-THROAT: this remedy is used as a long term treatment for tonsil sufferers. It is used in conjunction with THROAT PILLS, where there is an acute attack, when the throat is always inflamed. Once the attack is over TONSIL PILLS must be continued over a long period of 6 to 12 months, depending on the condition of the patient. This remedy has saved many tonsils from the surgeon’s knife.


Always feel the neck of a child with tonsils – if there are swollen glands (usually they are), it means the body is holding poison and using the lymph glands to do it. In fact, any glandular condition will respond to TONSIL PILLS. For chronic cases the treatment must endure for a long period.


BARYTA CARB – scrofulous children who always have swollen tonsils; take cold easily; suffer with swollen glands.

BELLADONNA – enlarged tonsils; throat feels constricted; worse right side; angry looking; congested; red and glazed; acts very well on swollen infected glands.

KALI MUR – the great tissue salt for glands and tonsils, so enlarged the child can hardly breathe.

MERCURIUS – typical tonsil type; swollen glands; worse on the right side; great remedy for glands and ulcerations.

CHRONIC – 3 x per day for 4 to 6 months.
ACUTE – Every 15 minutes with GFM for fever.

If sore throat persists, give THROAT PILLS 3 x per day.

As soon as candition eases, revert back to TONSIL PILLS only, 3 x per day.

MIX 32 VEIN – PILL 30 (V-P Vein and Piles)


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 2 8 10 5 8 35 41 9 2 5 9 7


Varicose veins, leg ulcers, haemorrhoids, liver, circulation. Tones up broken down blood vessels. This mixture does very good work.

1.For all conditions of varicosed veins and leg ulcers.
2.For all leg problems.
3.For any circulation deficiency.

They have a very wide range of usefulness. If varicose veins are visible in the leg, why not equally deep in the system also, e.g. the brain? So you are not only toning the leg ulcers, or local condition, but the entire blood vessel system throughout the body. This could prevent a stroke or aneurysm.


CALC FLUOR – to replace elasticity in walls of blood vessels; aneurysms; valvular disease; bleeding internally, or blind piles.

CARBO VEG – blue, burning piles with pain after stool; imperfect oxidisation; blood stagnates in capilliaries causing blueness and ecchymosis; general venous stasis; bluish skin.

CARDUUS MARIANUS – liver; works on vascular system and tones up portal area and so takes congestion away from limbs and rectum; bleeding piles; prolapsed rectum; varicosed ulcers.

COLLINSONIA – pelvic and portal congestion resulting in piles (protruding) and constipation; arterial tension; high venous engorgement of rectum; painful bleeding piles.

FLUORIC ACID – varicosed veins; leg ulcers with red edges and vesicles; atony of the capillary and venous sytem; acts on destructive processes.

HAMAMELIS – congestion of veins, varicose veins and ulcers; piles, bleeding with soreness; ecchymosis; purple spots; engorged veins.

NUX VOMICA -‘portal congestion; relaxed rectum; constipation.

RUTIN – this is a buckwheat which has a wonderful effect on toning up veins and arteries.

DOSAGE V – P 30CH 3 x per day over a long period. 6 x per day, if in a very bad condition: reduce as condition improves.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 6 6 7 23 25 26 27 3 6 3 2 5

We have NOT had very much success with this complaint. About one in 25. But, always try.


ADRENALIN – controls to some extent pigmentation of skin.

ARSEN SULPH – leucoderma.

PHOSPHORUS – sometimes this remedy has responded.

DOSAGE VITILIGO 30CH 6 x per day over 6 months, plus 4 doses of BACILLINUM – 1 dose per month. BLOOD PILLS 6 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
13 5 6 1 12 21 23 5 5 15 7

Heat fatigue, profuse sweating, sunstroke; water logged tissues. This is a remedy to balance water in the system. In any condition in which the balance is upset by too much or too little liquid in any particular area, use this remedy. For heat fatigue when the energy just goes, this will adjust the system immediately. (SEE “DISEASES” HANDBOOK: MALARIA, SUNSTROKE AND OEDEMA.)


FLUID RETENTION – made on the simulator especially for the above conditions.

NAT MUR – this tissue salt distributes the water evenly throughout the body, sending it where it is needed at a given moment. In threatened sunstroke an extra supply will be sent to the brain; in constipation extra will be sent to the colon; but if the water balance is lacking, the condition will remain.

NAT PHOS – uses liquid to balance the acid-alkaline mixtures in the body.

NAT SULPH – this is our eliminator of excess fluid in the body. As long as it is sufficient, the liquids will be removed. When it is lacking however, the body has to produce fever and sweating in order to remove it – hence the summer diarrhoeas, malaria fever etc – any condition where there is profuse sweating may be an imbalance of this salt.

DOSAGE WATER BALANCE 30CH 2 x per day. If it is an acute case then every 15 minutes, until eased; then reduce to 2 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1344 2 13 15 18 2 3 6 9 2

This remedy has been made especially for INFECTION and INFLAMMATIONS anywhere in the body, within or without.


PENICILLIN – works in the same way as the allopathic remedy, out without any side effects.

BELLADONNA – wonderful for inflammations within and without; abdomen tender and swollen; distended -hot; the transverse colon protrudes like a pad; mastitis; breasts red, hard and tender, with lines radiating from the nipple; joints swollen, red, shining with red streaks radiating outwards; skin hot, dry and swollen, scarlet and smooth; glands swollen and tender.

GUNPOWDER -this holds an infection and prevents it going deeper into the system.

CORTISONE – works as allopathic cortisone, but without side effects – in many cases it helps pain.

STREPTOCOCCUS – this is the nosode of the streptococci virus, and it will work against the virus if it is attacking the system. Streptococcus forms pus in the body and is normally found in throat, ear and skin infections, rheumatic fever and meningitis.

STAPHYLOCOCCUS – this is the nosode of the staphylococci virus and it will deal with the germ anywhere in the system; it attacks the skin, and is always found in debilitated people with skin lesions; it can also be found in pneumonia and osteomyelitis.

PYROGENIUM – great remedy for septic states; septic fevers; great pain and violent burning in wounds, or in any organ; bursting headache; septicaemia; inflammation of the pelvic region, causing pain at periods.

KALI PHOS – corrects decay and gangrene; suspected malignant tumours.

DOSAGE WAR 1M according to the gravity of the infection. It should be taken for some time after the infection is apparent, so as to make sure it is well cleared.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
6 6 7 8 24 25 27 32 4 5 14 5

Most children suffer with thread or longworms. Here we have combined a few remedies which work specifically on worms. Raw carrots should also be taken – worms cannot live with them.


CINA – crying; grinding teeth; irritable and screaming; pain in tummy; specially over navel area; vomits; screams in sleep, or jerks and talks in sleep; round and thread worms.

FILIX MAR – tapeworm; colic; itching nose.

NAT PHOS – when the acid-alkaline balance is out, the body becomes a breeding ground for worms. Children eating too much sugar make excess acid. SPECIFIC N.B. If NAT PHOS is lacking the body keeps inviting worms.

SPIGELIA – itching and crawling in rectum, threadworms.

TEUCRIUM MAR – itching in the anus, worse at night; threadworm.

GRANATUM. – tapeworm; constant hunger.

DOSAGE WORMS 3 x per day for a month. Leave for two weeks. Repeat.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1125 457 19 69996

  Все кислотные условия в организме: например   изжога   Зуд кожи, кожные заболевания, воспаление, вызванное кислотой. Может использоваться в сочетании с SUFI, БАЛАНСОМ ПИЩЕВАРЕНИЯ, СМЕСЬ ПЕЧЕНИ ИЛИ БАЛАНС ПЕЧЕНИ.


AURUM TRIP – acidity is the keynote of this remedy.

FAGOPYRUM – great action on skin, producing pruritis. It is a great remedy for PRURITIS SENILIS. It is also indicated for itching eyes. Itching deep in hands.

STRONTIUM BROM – neutralises excessive acidity.

ARGENTUM NIT – great nervous, fear remedy when the emotions are causing the acidity especially in the stomach and abdomen areas.

CAUSTICUM – an acidity of burning rawness and soreness.

NATRUM PHQS – is the remedy to balance any acid condition.

ACONITE – is to balance the emotional condition, because emotions cause most of the acid conditions.

DOSAGE ACIDITY 30CH 3 x per day, or if critial 6 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
2566 7 20 23 27 91394

all back pains.


ANTIMONIUM TART – violent pain in sacro-lumbar region. Movement could cause retching. Heavy weight at the coccyx, dragging downwards.

ARNICA – for all injuries, or overstraining. A muscular tonic. Sore, lame, bruised feeling.

VARIOLINUM – excruciating back ache with aching legs. Pains shift to abdomen.

TELURIUM – very sensitive back. Pain from 7th cervical to 5th dorsal vertebra. Very sensitive to touch. Sciatica.

BELLIS PERENNIS – acts on muscular fibres. First remedy in injuries to deeper tissues. Sore, bruised feeling in pelvic region. Sprains and strains with great soreness and stiffness.


NATRUM PHQS – is the remedy to balance any acid condition.

ACONITE – is to balance the emotional condition, because emotions cause most of the acid conditions.

DOSAGE BACK PAIN 30CH according to the state of the patient.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
9 10 10 10 37 43 43 44 8 5 9 6 1

All conditions regarding teeth and their decay, in children or adults.


CALC PHOS – a teething remedy. Slow tooth development. Rapid teeth decay.

SELENIUM – a constant constituent of bones and teeth.

KREOSOTE – very painful dentition. Rapid decay of teeth with spongey, bleeding gums, teeth dark and crumbly.

GUNPOWDER – to hold any infection. Toothache during menses. Teeth black and crumbling. Pyorrhoea. Submaxillary gland swollen.


DOSAGE 3 x per day over a long period, i.e. 3 months. In extreme cases use with STAPHYSAGRIA 200CH once a day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
2 2 5 5 5 7 20 20 19 3 2 6

All knee conditions. Use with OM 16 and BONE I MIXTURE.


STICTA – housemaid’s knee (very painful and stiff knees).

APIS – knees swollen, shiny, puffy, sensitive, sore and stinging.

CAUSTICUM – cracking and tension in knees, stiffness in popliteal space.

CAl.C FLUOR – chronic synovitis.

CQCCULUS – inflammatory swelling of knee, intensely painful; knees crack on motion.

DOSAGE 6 x per day, and reduce to 3 x per day on improvement. For long standing cases, B MORGAN 10M once a day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
112 5 237 22 65946

All cases of Psoriasis as a background remedy.


NAT MUR – intermittent recurrence of symptoms due to emotions.

HYDROCOTYLE – great thickening of epidermal layer and exfoliation of scales. Psoriasis on trunk and extremities – palms and soles. Intolerable itching, especially of soles.

CASTOR EQUI – general action on thickening of skin, and epithelium, psoriasis of the tongue; (also for cracked and ulcerated nipples).

PSORINUM – is the miasm for this condition. Skin looks dirty and dingy; worse from warmth of bed; crusting all over with terrible itching.

Dosage: 3 x per day Check the condition of the thyroid and give a remedy for tension i.e. Calming or  Stress OR Hysteria Balance.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 5 5 5 13 19 19 22 6 6 9 8 2

Male or female libido problems. Frigidity.


AGNUS CAST – abhorrence of physical intercourse in a woman; no erections, and impotence in a man; parts cold, relaxed with desire gone.

ONOSMODIUM – intimate desire completely destroyed in the female, breasts ache. Physical impotence in the male, deficient erections, speedy emissions, constant intimate excitement, or loss of desire.

Dosage 3 x per day over a long period, i.e. 3 months. In extreme cases use with STAPHYSAGRIA 200CH once a day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
4 5 5 5 16 22 22 22 8 3 4 5 2

Parkinson’s disease, any Chorea or twitching movements in the body, trembling hands, paralysis agitans and spasms.


COCAINE – Paralysis of throat muscles; chorea; paralysis agitans; alcoholic tremors; senile trembling; numbness in hands and feet.

ZINC CYN – Paralysis agitans; chorea; hysteria.

THALLIUM – Muscular atrophy; tremor; paralysis of lower limbs; trembling; numbness in fingers and toes.

MYGALE LAS – Chorea; twitching of facial muscles and other muscles unsteady gait; tremulus; uncontrollable movements in the body; trembling hands; paralysis agitans; spasms.

DOSAGE TREMORS 30CH 3 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
4 5 6 6 15 20 23 26 4 116 3

Facial neuralgias, toothache, occiput headaches and pain in general from the waist upwards. May also be taken the day before any dental treatment, continued the day of the treatment and for one day afterwards.


ACONITE – neuralgia, especially left side, with restlessness, tingling and numbness. Pain in jaws.

HYPERICUM – a great nerve remedy, prevents lockjaw. Neuritis, tingling, burning and numbness. Right sided facial neuralgia. Toothache of a tearing, pulling character; fractured skull.

HEKLA LAVA – marked actions upon the jaws; facial neuralgia from carious teeth, and after extraction. Toothache with swelling about the jaws. Gum abscess.

SPIGELIA – pain involving eye zygoma, cheek, teeth, temple; worse from morning until sunset. Ciliary neuralgia. Severe pain in eyes, extending deep into socket.


CRANIAL NERVE 5 (MGA) consisting of opthalmic mandibular and maxillary nerves. Trigeminal neuralgia, tic doulourex, loss of sensation in tongue, teeth, mouth and front of forehead, and above temples. HERPES ZOSTER on face and eyes. Post herpatic neuralgia.

DOSAGE TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA CM in acute pain 6 x per day, reducing to 3 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
13678 3 12 24 28 35 723622

Those exposed to any radiation.


IODINE 132 & 128 – those act on atomic fallout.

DOSAGE ATOMIC RADIATION 50M – once a week as a safety measure. If atomic fallout is present, 3 xper day until it is cleared.

MIX 46 ALLERGY 2 200


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 5 6 7 10 22 26 30 5 3 6 9 5

cleansing residues of Pesticides, Insecticides and Carbon Monoxide.





DOSAGE Once a week as a safety measure if the subject is exposed to these factors; 3 x a day if affected, until symptoms clear.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
13 4 5 1 12 17 19 2 3 7 14

WORKS ON dissolving a cataract.


CRYSTALLINE LENS & COLLAGEN – both working on the balancing of this condition.

NAPTHALINUM – marked affinity for the eye; heals detachment of the retina; cataract.

THIOSINAMINUM – dissolves scar tissue, therefore cataracts; opacity of cornea.

NAT MUR – specific for cataract incipient.

CALC FLUOR – cataract; removing calcareas deposits.

SILICEA – cataract in office workers; clears opacity; reabsorbs fibrotic condition.


ДОЗИРОВКА   3 х в день в течение трехмесячного периода. Дайте в сочетании с ВИТАМИНОВЫМ СОЕДИНЕНИЕМ ДЛЯ ГЛАЗ 10 M. Если в течение 3 месяцев улучшение не наступило, причина системная.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1346 1 11 16 26 4 679 8

WORKS ON all eye problems, and lack of vitamins therein.


DOSAGE TREMORS 30CH 3 x per day.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
112 3 3 3 8 14 5 7 6 7 7

Anaemic, chesty children.


KALI MUR – expectoration, thick and white, difficult to cough up; chronic catarrhal condition of middle ear, throat, nasal catarrh with swollen glands, very enlarged tonsils.

FERRUM PHOS – throat, tonsils and ear problems, with inflamed bronchi.

OLEUM JEC – great chest remedy; dry, hacking, tickling cough.

NAT SULPH – pain through left lower chest – always worse from dry to wet. A constitutional remedy in asthmatic and chesty children.

LUNG. MUCOUS MEMBRANE AND BRONCHI – to regenerate the tissues in the respiratory tract.

DOSAGE three times a day, over a long period of two to three months. Use after acute conditions have been dealt with.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 6 7 10 12 25 28 3 6 7 8 6

all earache cases. Use with EAR BALANCE and an infection REMEDY, e.g WAR. If ear discharging, then use DRAWING PILLS in place of EAR BALANCE.


CAPSICUM – swelling and pain behind the ears, inflammation of mastoid; tenderness over petrous bone; very tender to touch; burning and stinging in ears.

VERBASCUM – pain with sense of obstruction, deafness, neuralgia on the left side of face, into ear as if crushed with tongs.

PULSATILLA – otorrhoea; thick discharge, offensive odour; great pain; ear feels stuffed up.

CHAMOMILLA – earache, swelling and heat, driving the patient frantic.


DOSAGE frequently in acute stage, reducing dosage as improvement takes place.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
77 8 8 31 31 33 33 13 2 4 1

all pains on the left side; acting as a palliative whilst the cause is being treated.


CEANOTHUS – pain all up the left side; deep seated pain in left hypochondriuin; spleen greatly enlarged; unable to lie on left side.

ONOSMODIUM – left sided headache; pain in eyeballs, especially left; pain in left scapula region.

RHUS TOX – tearing asunder pains, mostly on left side.

SPIGELIA – marked affinity for eye, heart and 5th nerve, predominantly on the left side; a great angina remedy.

ACUTE – 6 x a day, reduce as improving.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
333 3 10 11 13 13 8 1246

all pains on the right side of the body. Use as background whilst finding the cause of the problem.


BRYONIA – prefers right side and cold air. Right ovary pain as if torn, extending to thigh; right chest pains, with rust coloured sputum; pain over liver region, worse increased pressure.

SANGUINARIA – predominantly right sided, affecting mucous membranes, especially the respiratory tract; right sided headache; rheumatism of right shoulder; right sided neuritis.

CHELIDONIUM – predominant liver remedy, constant pain under right scapula; right sided headache, down behind ears and shoulder blade; neuralgia over right eye, right cheek bone and right eye. Pain in right side of chest and shoulder.

STICTA – pulsating in abdomen from right side of sternum. Rheumatic pain in right shoulder joint, deltoid and biceps, with inflammation, pain severe.

STRONTIA – rheumatic pain in right shoulder, as if gnawing in marrow of bones.

DOSAGE 6 x a day when acute, reducing to 3 x a day, as improving.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 37 10 1 12 31 45 5 6946

all spasms in any part of the body. A palliative until the cause is found and treated.


STRYCHNINE – cramps and spasms in muscles; tetanic convulsions; pains and sensations come suddenly and return suddenly; spasms of throat muscles; rigidity of cervical muscles; sharp, contractive pains of chest muscles; violent jerking, twitching, trembling.

PHYSOSTIGMA – contraction of the pupil and ciliary muscles; paralysis and tremors; chorea; rigidity of muscles; tetanus; general spastic conditions of face muscles; twitching of ocular muscles; pulsation throughout body; tetanic convulsions of extremities; cramps.

HYPERICUM – spasm after every injury; spasmodic asthmatic attacks with changes of weather, or before a storm; cramps in calves, toes and fingers, especially tips; tetanus.

CUPRUM MET – spasmodic affections, cramps or convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes, violent and contractive. Cures a range of tonic and clonic spasms and epileptic attacks; contraction of jaws; stammering; hiccups; colic, violent and intermittent;spasm and constriction of chest, worse 3 a.m; whooping cough; twitching of facial muscles; globus hystericus; tendency to choke; hiccups; abdominal colic; constriction of anus after stool; spasm of glotis; jerking of limbs on going to sleep; erractic character.

SPAS MO (potentised allopathy)

DOSAGE 6 x a day, then reduce to three on improvement.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1 9 10 10 2 41 42 44 3 7 2 5 8

pain at menses. Give in conjunction with FEMALE BAL or MENSES I MIXTURE. For threatened miscarriage.


CAULOPHYLLUM – severe and spasmodic pains in all directions; shivering; needle like pains in cervix.

CHAMOMILLA – pains, spasmodic and excruciating. Patient cannot cope.

MAG PHOS – cramping pains, menstrual colic, neuralgia of ovary.

VIBURNUM PRUNUS – a uterine tonic; menses irregular.

CROCUS – pain worse from least movement.

PITUITARY ANTERIOR – the pituitary anterior regulates any abnormalities of menses.

DOSAGE 3 x a day throughout the month, and frequently at menses.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 8 9 9 11 36 38 2 4 5 9 2

female organs to establish a balance.


MILLEFOLLIUM – profuse, bright red fluid, haemorrhage.

SABINA – menses profuse, bright; pains extend to thighs; threatened miscarriage.

IPECAC – profuse, bright, gushing, with nausea; pain from navel to uterus.

PHOSPHORUS – bleeding lasts a long time; slight haemorrhage from uterus between menses.

CALC FLUOR – to strengthen elasticity of uterine muscles, and treat dilated blood vessels.

DOSAGE 3 x a day throughout the month, and frequently when bleeding.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 6 6 7 12 24 26 30 5 5 6 8 6

any abnormal conditions of the heart.


CONVALLARIA – renders heart action more regular; feels as if heart beats throughout the chest; sensation of heart stopping and starting again; worse from the least exertion; tobacco heart; angina; pulse very rapid and irregular.

DIGITALIS – pulse weak and irregular; failure of compensation; auricular flutter; result of rheumatic fever; palpitation on the least movement; feels heart will stop if he moves; stitches in the heart; mitral disease; sudden sensation as if heart stood still.

CRATAEGUS – a great heart tonic; acts on heart muscle; cardiac dropsy; aortic disease; extreme weakness; dilated heart; extreme dysponea on least exertion; pain in region of heart and under left clavicle; angina.

CALC PHOS – involuntary sighing;, chest painful; suffocating cough; pain over the left side of the body.

SUMBUL – nervous palpitation; cardiac asthma; pain in the left breast; left arm heavy, numb and weary; pulse irregular; loses breath on exertion.

S PIG ELI A – violent palpitation; great aggravation from movement; pulse weak and irregular; angina, extending to arms – hot water relieves; whole left side sore; dyspnoea must lie on right side with head high.

KALI CARB – palpitation and burning in heart region; weak, rapid pulse due to digestive disturbance; threatened heart failure; great weakness.

HEART (MGA) – to stabilise this organ.

DOSAGE HEART PALPITATIONS 30CH 6 x a day, while the cause is being found and treated.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
1336 59 10 27 61378

small joints.


CAULOPHYLLUM – severe cramping, erratic pain and stiffness; in small joints of fingers, toes and ankles; aching wrist; cutting pains on toes and hands.

NAT PHOS – aching in wrists and finger joints; synovial crepitation.

PAEONIA – pain in wrist, fingers, knees, toes.

PINUS SYLVESTER – stiffness and gouty pain in all small joints, especially fingers; weak ankles.

ACTEA SPIC – rheumatic remedy for small joints, tearing tingling pains; wrist rheumatism; pains in ankles, toes; weakness in hands; wrist red and swollen; swelling of joints from the least fatigue.

DOSAGE use 6 x a day, reduce to 3 in improvement – use while cause is being found.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 8 8 9 11 31 33 23231

pain in any part of the body.


MORPHINE – pain in spine, cannot walk erect; extremely susceptible to pain; violent and sudden neuralgic pains and fainting; neuralgias are intensely painful; neuralgia after Herpes Zoster/Shingles; pain in right spermatic cord.

ACONITE – pain, acute, sudden and violent; pains in the heart; menses pain; chest pain; rectum and bladder pains; pulsating and bursting headaches: a great pain remedy.

GUAIACUM – acute rheumatic pain in head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands; sciatica and lumbago; gouty, tearing pain with contractions; immovable stiffness; ankle pain extending up leg; joints swollen, painful, cannot bear pressure.

GUACO – pain between scapulae, extending to forearm; burning in shoulders; pain along spine, worse bending; weariness through hips and lumbar region; pain in all extremities – deltoids, shoulders, elbows, arms, fingers, hip joints, ankles and soles.

GUNPOWDER – to deal with inflammation or infections.


FROBIN – (potentised allopathy).

DOSAGE 6 x a day, and reduce as pain lessens.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
45 5 5 18 19 22 23 5 2 176


Shingles/Herpes Zoster; Herpes; fever blisters; chicken pox; and any skin condition where there are blisters. This is not for a pus skin, it is for vesicular conditions.


NAT CARB – vesicular eruption in patches and circles; soles of feet raw and sore; eruptions on fingers and knuckles.

SABADILLA – cracking of skin beneath toes; inflammation under toenails.

SARSAPARILLA – herpatic eruptions; cracked skin on hands and feet.

HELLEBORUS – sudden watery swelling of skin.

NAT MUR – finger blisters; urticaria; eczema, raw, red, inflamed; eczema on palms of hands with watery blisters.

RHUS TOX – fever blisters around mouth and chin; vesicles; herpes; urticaria; erysipelas; cellulitis.


3x a day. Use in conjunction with WAR or GUNPOWDER to hold infection.

MIX 61 ACNE 200


Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
445 6 14 18 19 24 7 8 849

skin – with or without pus formation.


MILLEFOLLIUM – profuse, bright red fluid, haemorrhage.

SABINA – menses profuse, bright; pains extend to thighs; threatened miscarriage.

IPECAC – profuse, bright, gushing, with nausea; pain from navel to uterus.

PHOSPHORUS – bleeding lasts a long time; slight haemorrhage from uterus between menses.

CALC FLUOR – to strengthen elasticity of uterine muscles, and treat dilated blood vessels.

DOSAGE 3 x a day throughout the month, and frequently when bleeding.



Ставка База 10 База 44 База 336
3 3 8 9 9 11 36 38 2 4 5 9 2

female organs to establish a balance.


MILLEFOLLIUM – profuse, bright red fluid, haemorrhage.

SABINA – menses profuse, bright; pains extend to thighs; threatened miscarriage.

IPECAC – profuse, bright, gushing, with nausea; pain from navel to uterus.

PHOSPHORUS – bleeding lasts a long time; slight haemorrhage from uterus between menses.

CALC FLUOR – to strengthen elasticity of uterine muscles, and treat dilated blood vessels.

DOSAGE 3 x a day throughout the month, and frequently when bleeding.


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*** Попробуйте наши продукты сейчас! Наша безусловная 100% гарантия возврата денег действительна для 90 дней.

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