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Sintergetica is a comprehensive medicinal system that synthesizes wisdom from all previous modalities of medicine and healing such as Allopathy (occidental medicine), Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathy and Shamanism. Sintergetica develops upon these modalities with technologies from quantum physics. Sintergetica not only adopts the best from all these modalities, but also resolves any seeming disparities between them. Sintergetica is designed to bring balance to the molecular, energetic and informational aspects of consciousness and the physical, etheric and mental planes of life.

Sintergetica was founded by Dr Jorge Carvajal. The numerous doctors and scientists that have studied under Dr Carvajal are amazed by the depth of wisdom and knowledge this enlightened doctor possesses. He, one patient at a time not only treats but also brings about comprehensive healing and transformation in the life he touches. Dr Carvajal is a trained surgeon and an allopath who practiced acupuncture for 30 years and then developed upon it by bringing in quantum physics technologies.

Our founder Apoorva, has had the good fortune of studying under Dr Carvajal and the wisdom of Sintergetica is evident in all that Biogetica does. Apoorva recognizes this education to be the greatest gift he has received in this lifetime. He says that the grace of these teachings continues to flow, guiding him every single day.

Sintergetica incorporates numerous diagnostic systems that truly help to understand the triggers that manifest as imbalances in the body and employs various state of the art healing technologies such as resonance archetype morphing, laser acupuncture and other complimentary therapies to help bring harmony.. Anyone who has experienced such a healing instantly recognizes the deep balance, cellular comprehension and evolution they facilitate. The impact of this profound system will continue to evolve the consciousness on this planet. Renowned scientist Dr Rustum Roy once said “It is amazing that Sintergetica has implemented so many technologies and paradigms that other scientists are merely hypothesizing about.”

Each one of our kits is designed around the Sintergetic understanding of bringing balance across the molecules, energies and informational pathways of life. However, the products below have been designed directly by Dr Carvajal and are integral to his offering to our planet. We truly consider it an honor to bring these to the globe.

Biogetica is proud of its association with Sintergetica.

Resonam Holoram
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