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Dr. Ritu Sandhu – B.H.M.S

  Homeopathic Consultant 

Dr Ritu Sandhu, B.H.M.S., Homeopath, and NASH member graduated From Chandigarh Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, INDIA and received accolades for topping her class.

Dr Ritu has practiced homeopathy for over seventeen years. She has worked with the Charitable Homeopathic Trust at Anandpur Sahib. Dr Ritu is passionate about providing holistic healing; she welcomes the challenge of treating chronic ailment cases through homeopathy. She has often found that a diagnosis made after studying the complete history of a person and ‘reading’ his/her mindset is more accurate than an ad-hoc overview of physical symptoms. Evidently, psychology and pharmacology are interlinked. She believes compassion to be an integral component when providing medical care, and that comes through genuine engagement with the patient. Dr Ritu always places the needs and emotions of the patient at the center of any medical diagnosis and care.

In a bid to share her insights and experience gained over the years, Dr Ritu writes articles on different subjects such as homeopathy, special education, complementary and alternative medicine. She has also published a book named ‘Secrets of Homeopathy’.

NASH Registered

Single Consult with Dr. Ritu Sandhu

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Three months Constitutional therapy and Consult with Dr. Ritu Sandhu

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