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Dr. Khyati Dave – B.H.M.S

 Гомеопатический Консультант

Dr Khyati Dave, B.H.M.S., graduated from MUHS, Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College, Nashik, India and is a licensed Homeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant since the last seven years. Across these seven years, she has worked as a health partner for many patients, first as an intern and assistant for renowned Homeopaths and Endocrinologists, and then as a Homoeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant for Biogetica. She also conducts seminars on prenatal care and nutrition. She is actively involved in conducting heath check-up camps in the corporate sector.

Dr Khyati’s personal mission is to treat each patient with respect and dignity, and emphasize the word ‘care’ in ‘healthcare.’ She always puts people before profits, and she feels blessed to be able to do so. Consulting with Dr Khyati can help you get customised diet, supplement and homeopathic plans for your health and wellness.

Dr Khyati feels it’s a privilege to be involved in the phenomenon called ‘healing’ and leads many consulting sessions and seminars. She writes articles on subjects such as pregnancy care, nutrition, complementary and alternative medicine.

Consult with Dr Khyati to begin the healing process that would strike the very root of ailment.

Однократная консультация с доктором Хьяти Дэйвом

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Три месяца конституциональной терапии и консультации с доктором Хьяти Дэйв

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